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Marcient™ GEO Fencing Premium Digital Ads Campaigns that uses one budget to deliver multiple tactics cross platforms

Project Details

In today’s digital world there are multiple strategies to drive better advertising ROI for businesses. However, agencies biggest dilemma is understanding exactly where to allocate their budget in order to deliver the best results for their client.

Marcient™ Geo-fencing Premium solution is a sophisticated service that uses one budget to drive leads and sales on multiple platforms. By optimizing conversions on the highest performing platform.

We serve, hyper targeted display ads to potential customers entering a blueprinted location and then retarget them using various mobile apps such as weather, sports, or games; on search engine results pages on Google; and (coming soon!) across popular social media channels such as Facebook or Twitter.

Target new customers and keep existing customers coming back for more
Uses GPS technology to identify customers in a defined location to deliver a hyper targeted Digital Ads Display campaign.
Using advanced technology, Marcient™ Geo-fence Display interacts with the consumer after they’ve left the business, and targets them based on their user experience.
We track customers through our Display campaign after they’ve left the store and move into a new physical location.
We track users that visit your physical location up to 14 days after the initial Location Target and add them to our retargeting.
We measure performance across multiple platforms you we run campaigns on. From that, we will optimize the budget towards the highest-performing platform.

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