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Local Search Engine Marketing (SEM)

A combination of SEO, local maps, and carefully geo-targeted paid search ads.

If you need to get in front of potential customers in the geographic vicinity of your business, Local Search should be a centerpiece of your marketing.

13% decrease in website bounce rate

The Challenge

Any business that is based in a physical location, benefits from walk-ins, or is relevant to a specific geographic area requires a strong Local Search presence. You need a local search marketing company like Marcient who understands the technical ins and outs of local search and SEM efforts online.

Increased inbound web leads by 24%
Increased local traffic by 27%
Increased organic search by 35%

Why Us?

Marcient, a local SEM company, can make sure that when potential clients in your desired area search for terms relevant to your business, you show up prominently in maps, search engine results, social media trends, and more. Increasingly, tech-savvy shoppers choose one of the first few results they see when searching for local options. If you’re not in that group, you’re missing out on revenue that’s going to your competitors without a fight. Whether you need local search marketing or anywhere in the world, Marcient is ready to step up.

650 Revenue growth over 2 years
163 Increase in traffic in first 4 months
13 Helped them grow employees
13% decrease in website bounce rate
112% Increase in site conversion


Is your business one of the top 3 results when searching for relevant terms in Google Maps? If not, you’re far less visible to potential customers than your competitors.

Need your marketing efforts to only appear in select cities? Want to boost your online presence for people searching in certain areas and reduce it in others? Marcient™ is an SEM firm that will take care of your geo-fencing requests down to the last detail.
Ara Ghanbarian
Chief Marketing Office

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